Our Vision

"With the resources available, we aim to match the right talents to the right projects. We strive to achieve long-term and sustainable investments. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that all of our tenants are doing well…and are making money, so the relationships between us will be sustainable with mutual benefits."

Owner & Chairman


Joseph Fu

Started as a furniture retailer in his early teens, Joseph had trading operations in South East Asia and Africa. With factories and production units in China and Thailand, Joseph was also involved in manufacturing final products for Chinese tradtional furniture retailers. He purchased his very first prime location proprety on Canton Road back in the 1970s, and had been using it to sell and display final traditional timbre products.  As market conditions changed from 2002, Joseph started to divert his focus onto commercial retail property investments in prime locations. He started on Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, and has now diversified onto another major secondary prime location, Granville Road within the same region. Joseph's experience lies in re-positioning and value enhancements of prime fixed assets. He favours long-term investments and sustainable returns.