Queen's Kitchen16/F, 116-120 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong



With emphasis on authentic tastes and details, Queen's Kitchen primarily aims to demonstrate to like-minded enthusiasts on how to create traditional Thai dishes for their loved ones. Focusing on the traditional essence from the origins of the dishes, we aim to bring the original taste back to the commercialized world of food and beverages. 

Located at the heart of a shopping district on Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Queen’s Kitchen is convenient for people from around Hong Kong. We would like to offer to cooking-enthusiasts not only a place to cook, but also an atmosphere to enjoy and create something they are proud to share. With dinning areas specially catered to members and students, we encourage everyone to try and learn from trials and errors, or even to explore new tastes and new combinations of textures. 

Though focusing primarily on Thai cuisine, we also have plans to invite guest chefs locally and overseas to share different thoughts and the variety of skills needed to create other cuisines. Queen's Kitchen vision is to enable cooking fanatics to absorb and spread the making of authentic Thai tastes whilst being open minded to different ways of cooking. We also encourage food and beverage entrepreneurs with an interest in Thai cuisine to share and explore with us the skills needed in creating and maintaining the authenticity which we strongly believe should be preserved and appreciated. 

On top of teaching the art of Thai culinary, Queen’s Kitchen also offers corporate events or private parties catering to around 30 people. Desired decorations, settings, or themes can be discussed with our team. The food served at the events will ideally be Thai cuisine as it is our core and strength, but we are also opened to different ideas proposed by our clients. Selection of Thai cuisine can be discussed with our team.